Wilfrid Laurier University

Founded in 1911, Laurier University is one of Canada’s leading century-old public universities. The University has two campuses in Ontario, one in Waterloo and the other in Brantford. Laurier University offers full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate programs to more than 12,000 students in seven faculties. Laurier University is ranked 7th in Macaulay Comprehensive in 2022 and its Business school is recognized by the AACSB as one of the best business schools in Canada.


Wilfrid Laurier International College offers international first-year and pre-undergraduate courses to help international students get into Laurier University. The International College campus is located in Frantford, 96 kilometers from Toronto and only 1 hour’s drive, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.


Major at the Wilfrid Laurier International College


All courses at Wilfrid Laurier International College are taught in small class sizes. Specific links to Laurier University courses below, and all offer paid internship opportunities!

  • Science: Data Science, Computer Science, financial mathematics

  • Human sciences: User Experience Design, English, History, Human Rights and Human Diversity, Humanities and Leadership Fundamentals, Law and Society, Youth and Child Studies

  • Arts: Ancient Studies, Anthropology, Archaeology and antiquities Studies, Communication Studies, Cultural Studies, Environmental Studies, Film Studies, Geographical location, Global Studies, languages, Medieval and Medievalist Studies, North American Studies, Philosophy, Political Science, Religion and Culture, Sociology, Women and Gender Studies

  • Business & Economics: Business Science and Technology Management, Economics, Economics and Accounting, Economics and Financial Management

  • Humanities and Social Sciences: Community health, health administration, criminology, Psychology

Popular majors at Wilfrid Laurier International College

  • Data Science: Logarithmic data analysis professionals have been in great demand in Canada in recent years. Students will be prepared for different career opportunities by learning mathematics, statistics, data analysis, computing techniques and methods. Students can do this by choosing financial risk analysis, big data, or statistical analysis as a core research direction, or they can supplement the core curriculum with electives in the natural and social sciences, arts, business, and economics.

  • Computer Science: The University has a unique “Professional Experience” program, similar to the Co-op but more demanding. Students are required to spend 12 to 16 months between their junior and senior years completing a full-time work placement.

  • Economics and Accounting: College courses can be CPA-accredited transfer credits, greatly shortening the progress of students to obtain CPA certification.

Tuition fees and scholarship standards


International college freshman year tuition and fees at about $30000 Canadian dollar.


The University offers an entrance scholarship of $2000 Canadian dollars based on the amount of time a student has accepted the offer and paid the tuition deposit. Places are limited.


The University also offers a $5,000 Master scholarship. Students who have been awarded the scholarship are required to be willing to participate in college publicity activities upon admission.


Enrollment months: January, May and September


Admission requirements:


For high school graduates in the Canadian high school system, the college requires a Grade 12 average of above 65% in four main subjects, including at least 60% in mathematics for business and science students.

For Chinese high school graduates, the college does not need the gaokao score. The score of the four main courses in senior three should be no less than 70%. For business and science students, the score of math should be no less than 80%.