Toronto Film School

Established in 2001, the Toronto Film School is one of the top film schools in Canada (ranked by QS World Rankings). It has attracted many outstanding professionals to join the faculty of the school and become the cradle of outstanding graduates.


Toronto Film School (TFS) is a formal overseas university accredited by the Ministry of Education of China. It is also accredited by the Ministry of Education of Canada and the Ministry of Education of Ontario with the qualification of recruiting international students. It has become a junior college recognized by both the Chinese government and the education department of the Canadian government.


The Toronto Film School is already well known in the North American film and television industry, and it also has cooperation with the Beijing Film Academy and the Shanghai Theatre Academy, the top film and television institutions in China.


Popular major at the Toronto Film School

  • Film and television production: With the explosion of independent film, the Canadian entertainment industry, digital film production, and specialized television channels, the number of film production graduates in demand has greatly increased. The film production program at the Toronto Film School covers both creative training and skills training.

  • Video Game Design and Animation Major: Video Game Design and Animation major is an accelerated program that allows students to create industry-standard video games in as little as 18 months. Students will learn to use professional tools and create game animations using Autodesk Maya, 3D Studio Max, Z-Brush, Unreal Engine, and other development software.

  • Fashion Design: Many graduates of the Toronto Film School’s fashion design program have gone on to win awards for success in the fields of haute couture, couture and fashion. These designers and entrepreneurs are based in Toronto, Canada and around the globe. In the last six years of the annual creative contest, Toronto Film School students have won five times, beating students from other Toronto fashion schools.

  • Graphic Design and Interactive Media: While studying graphic design and Interactive media, students are exposed to a wide range of disciplines in the field of design, including layout, art editing, art direction, packaging, communication design, and branding in print media and online video. Graduates work in graphic design, communications, advertising and marketing, publishing and graphic design, and moving images.

Partner majors: All majors.


Enrollment months: January, April, July and October


Admission requirement: A high school score of 65%