Simon Fraser University

Founded in 1965, Simon Fraser University is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is named after Simon Fraser, an explorer who explored the Vancouver area. Simon Fraser University is a comprehensive public research university in North America that ranks among the world’s best in human-computer interaction, computer science, and business. Simon Fraser University is ranked number one in the Macaulay Comprehensive University of Canada in 2022. The University has 6 schools and more than 100 undergraduate programs, with an undergraduate population of about 25,000.


Fraser International College is located on the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University, a 25-minute drive from downtown Vancouver. The campus is considered one of the most beautiful university campuses in the world. The view from Burnaby Peak is a magnificent picture of endless mountains, glowing cities, magnificent seas and lush islands.


FIC is a modern, dynamic college of education dedicated to providing high-quality educational programs and support services in a stimulating campus environment. FIC has a partnership with Simon Fraser University, and once students complete the FIC program, they will be able to enter the corresponding major at Simon Fraser University.

  • Admission to Simon Fraser University: FIC offers courses equivalent to first-year Simon Fraser University courses. Successful completion of FIC and achieving the required average score (GPA) of your chosen major will guarantee admission to the relevant degree program at Simon Fraser University.

  • University-designed Courses: University Conversion Course (UTP) Phase 1 and School Conversion Course (UTP) Phase 2 courses were designed in consultation with Simon Fraser University and modified by the University.

  • University Campus: FIC is located on the Burnaby campus of Simon Fraser University, where students can enjoy all university facilities and services.

  • University lecturers: FIC’s courses are taught by excellent lecturers who will give full support and help to students to fully realize their potential.

  • Flexible Options: FIC offers flexible admission three times a year: January, May, and September.

  • Support: In addition to formal academic programs, FIC also offers additional learning support: especially in English, mathematics and computer science.

  • Small class size: The average instructor teaches a class of about forty students. To provide more support for smaller classes, FIC extends the teaching time of each subject, replacing the traditional three-hour period with a four-hour period to deepen students’ understanding of the course.

  • High Quality education: Teaching is supervised by Simon Fraser University and all lecturers are from the University.


Co-majors: Some undergraduate majors, including Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, Computer Science, Media, Arts and Technology, Business Administration, Media and Business, Engineering, Environment, Health Sciences, Health Sciences.


Popular majors: Computer science, communications, business administration and engineering.


Enrollment months: January, May and September


Admission requirement: Undergraduate application with a high school score of 75%