Georgian College

Georgian College was founded in 1967 as Georgian College of Applied Arts and Sciences. As one of the oldest public colleges in Ontario, Canada, the school is located in Barrie, the “Back Garden of Toronto” in northern Ontario, only about an hour’s drive from Toronto.


Georgian College is approved by the Ontario Department of Education and offers graduate program certificates, bachelor’s degrees and associate’s degrees. It is also one of the Canadian institutions of higher learning recognized by the Chinese Ministry of Education. The university has a high graduate employment rate, which remains above 88% for many years. Georgian College offers excellent co-op paid internship opportunities and has the best internship resources and employer database.


Georgian College has many popular programs for international students, including automotive industry management and automotive business management. Automobile industry management is a four-year undergraduate major. Students will personally participate in the production management from the front end of the automobile industry chain to the follow-up logistics management as well as the intermediate financial management and equipment management, which will have great advantages in the future employment.


Automotive business management is a two-year college course, which aims to train basic business knowledge and professional automotive industry skills, so as to enable students to master professional technology in the automotive field. During the eight-month paid internship, students can have an in-depth understanding of the automotive industry and establish interpersonal relationships, so as to prepare for future job hunting. Associate degree with a bridging undergraduate course in automotive industry management.


In addition, Georgian College is also popular for its pharmacists, optometrists, dental technicians, and nursing majors.


Georgian College and Lakehead University offer four programs: Electrical engineering, environmental management, bioengineering, and computer science. Completed practical courses at Georgian College in the first two years; In the last two years, students complete a combined academic and practical program at Lakehead University and earn a degree.


In addition, there are engineering and technology programs, such as mechanical engineering, which are in collaboration with McMaster University, and academics can adopt 2+2 and 3+1 learning models, leading to a McMaster undergraduate degree. There are also tourism and hospitality courses, which are in cooperation with the University of Guelph, and the academic field of the final undergraduate degree from the University of Guelph.


Co-majors: Most graduate Diploma, undergraduate, associate and certificate programs


Popular majors: Georgian College is the only Canadian institution of higher learning that offers an undergraduate degree in automotive industry management.


Enrollment months: January, May and September


Entry Requirements: Performance requirements vary with degrees, diplomas and certificates