Master’s Pathway Program
Master’s Pathway Program

Exempt from English language test requirements, short learning period, low cost of tuition fees, express application channel

Master’s Pathway Program
Canadian OSSD
Canadian Ontario Secondary School Diploma Program

Unique student status advantage, wealth of experience in operating schools in Ontario, secure arrangements, priority nomination for scholarships, flexible study methods, and low study costs

Canadian OSSD
EAP Pathway Program

4-8 months EAP courses, exempt from language test requirements, short learning period, low cost of tuition fees, flexible study platforms, free application service, guaranteed admissions

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About Global Education Group Inc

Founded in 1999, Global Education Group Inc. is a large-scale and comprehensive educational institution registered in Canada. The school’s headquarters is located in Toronto, with another two branches in Vancouver and Winnipeg respectively. Global Education Group, as one of the largest education groups across Canada, owns three departments: Global Education Language Institute, Global Education Academy and Digital Intelligent Sports program. The Global Education Language Institute, comprising three language training schools, is certified by Languages Canada and accredited as IELTS examination venues.  

Our Services

Language Institute

Reputable English language training institution in Canada, official designated examination venues for IELTS, official accredited member of Languages Canada, official partner of CELPIP, and official EAP Pathway partner of 11 Canadian postsecondary institutions.

Global Education Academy

Private high school (BSID#883977) accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ontario, can issue the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

Worldwide University Application Services

Taking the admission of worldwide top universities as our goal, our team provides a full range of comprehensive application services for students who wish to apply for undergraduate or graduate studies in top universities.

EAP Program

The aim of the EAP program is to provide students with the English language and academic skills required by programs at Canadian post-secondary institutions. Successful completion of the EAP program allows direct entry to partner colleges or universities without IELTS or TOEFL.

Digital and E-Sports

A new type of industry and competitive sports with digitalization + artificial intelligence + robot as the main carrier and competitive confrontation as the main form of expression.

Our Strengths

24-year brand guarantee, authoritative and comprehensive educational institution in Canada,

escorting the road of studying abroad for the majority of students

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Admissions Rate of EAP

Global Education Fair


Introduction of Global Education Fair

Global Education Fair was launched in 2018 and it has been five years. The fair aims to provide an online informative webinar for students who wish to apply for worldwide prestigious universities and colleges and grasp the latest admission requirements and other information.

Global Education Academy

Global Education Academy is a famous private high school in Ontario, Canada. It has been registered and approved by the Department of Education of Ontario, Canada, and has passed strict examination and evaluation. It can issue OSSD high school Diploma in Ontario. Ontario registration number BDI #883977. The credits obtained by the students are also recognized by excellent universities in North America, Europe, Australia and other places.
Our school has received 563 University admission letters for the class of 2022. Our University admission letters include University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, University of UBC, Queen’s University, McMaster University, Boston University, University College London, University of Edinburgh, University of York, University of Birmingham, King’s College London, University of Southampton, University of Sheffield, University of Sydney and University of Melbourne, Erasmus University and so on. The admission rate is more than 90 percent among the world’s top 100 universities.